Planned litters.



Today we have been to the vet for a X-ray of Bersan stomack. I had thought that I would get an exact no of puppies, but down on the right side of the pickture it seems to be two puppies with their sculls covered by the other. That means I will not know for sure untill tuesday/wednesday next week. It may be 6 puppies but it is certainly 5.

I weighed Bersa this morning and she is now 18,7 kg against normally approx. 13 kg and there are still 4 days to gaine weigt.

I got the vets X-ray on a CD to take with me home, so now you can count for your selves.



Today we went to the vet. for an ultra sound of Bersa's stomack. The vet. could see at least 4 puppies, but she concluded that there could be more because ultra sound cannot give an exact count.

I have booked X-ray on the 1st of March so that the vet can make an exact count of sculls.

The birth of the puppies wil be on tuesday 6th of March



Tomorrow it is 3 weeks since we visited Fraendi in Halden.

Today Bersa refused her food for the first time, so I hed to tempt her with some specialities in addition to her normal food.

I think she is looking a bit thicker and her tits are getting harder and larger.

In a fortnights time we will visit the vet for an ultrasound. I am looking forward to that.


In spite of the weather forecast had warned for the coming storm, Emil, on the west coast Bersa and I travelled in our motorhome to visit Fraendi in Halden.

Fraendi and Bersa managed one mating before the storm his us and one the morning after when it was quiet again. It was a night without mutch sleep because of the wind and heavy reign.

Now we have to wait for signs of pregnacy. I will take Bersa to the vet. in 5 - 6 weeks to check her with ultrasound ond then again in the last week for a X-ray so the vet can count sculs and spines to see howe many puppies I can expect.

I will be exciting weeks to come and I will keep you informed


Bersa av Isheim have started in heat and will be mated with Diljas Frandi Garpur in the beginning of January 2012.


Bersa av Isheim



Diljas Fraendi Garpur