Happiness is . . . . .


                                                                          . . being alone with a bone.




 . . fighting with friends




                                                                             . . playing with mates




                                                                                 . . having someone to chase




                                                                                  . . digging a hole




                                                                      . . sharing the hole with a friend




                                                                                                    . . helping with the dishes




                                                                                                               . . having a brother to play with




                                                                                              . . sitting in "mum's" arms




                                                                                               . . having a puppy in the knee




                                                                                                 . . saying hello to a friend


                                                                                                    ....saying hello to daddy



                                                                               . . sleeping when you are tired

                                                                                                    ..having a nice big brother




Participating dogs:

Bersi av Isheim chewing on a bone

Fr. l. Bersi og Smára av Isheim fights Diljas Stelpa

Fr. l. Ricky aus dem Norden (mittelspitz), Bersa av Isheim, Diljas Stelpa, Smára av Isheim

Smára av Isheim beeing chased by brother Bersi and cousin Diljas Stelpa.

Ullälvas Svarri is digging a hole that he is sharing with Diljas Stelpa.

Chocolate brown Bersi og Bersa av Isheim are helping with the dishes

The Alvedans brothers, Askur og Garpur are playing, with Garpur on top

Diljas Stelpa is out with mum

Vilde Tunheim with Grási av Isheim

Simen Tunheim is greeted by Bersi av Isheim

Smári av Isheim greets his father Ullälvas Smári

Alvedans Saga sleeps

Trissa av Isheim and Bersi av Isheim




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