Puppies Smára


Smára's pups have also moved to new homes.

Teddy is now called Laxi, Brum is called Skotti and they both live in Norway. Nalle Maja is called Saga av Isheim and lives in Sweden. For the moment we has kept Brumma and her name is now Blanda av Isheim.



Smára av Isheim got 4 brown puppies on the 26th of April, 2 males and 2 bitches

Smára is brown pigmented, with B hips eyes without remarks.

Tolli is brown/white with A + B hips and eyes without remarks.


                                                                                            Smára av Isheim                                                                        Tolli

As "working names" for Smára's puppies we have choosen the names of Bamse's children ,  Bamse is the strongest bear of the world.


Blanda (Brumma) 3,5 month



Here I come. Nalle Maja is a girl with a lot of energy

Teddy is working with his ears


Teddy is helping Nalle Maja to water the lawn


                                                                                                Bromma is tracking                                                    Is it this that is called high tail?



                                                                            Teddy                                                                                    Brum


                                                                                    Nalle Maja                                                                            Brumma



Out door restaurant


                                                                                                Brum                                                                                    Brumma


                                         Let's play hide and seek?                                                                                Brum and Teddy are not too eager

Brumma would rather follow a track


At last, out in the big world


                                                                                            Teddy and Brumma                                                    Brumma walks carefully on the slippery floor


                                                                            Teddy examines out the carpet                                        while Nalle Maja examines the floor

Brum tries out the worlds most photagraphed shoe

4 tired small bears


                                                                                        Teddy                                                                                            Brum


                                                                                            Nalle Maja                                                                                Brumma


Todays yawning competition


Participants:                                Teddy                                                                            Nalle Maja                                            Brumma



                                                                                                                Teddy                                                                Brum


                                                                                            Nalle Maja                                                                            Brumma


                                                                        Brumma eats mutch and looks like a baby seal                        All positions at the table are allowed


2 days old



                                                                                      Teddy                                                                                            Brum



                                                                            Nalle Maja                                                                        Brumma