Puppies Sindra Tindra


Sindra T’s puppies have found new homes in Norway and Sweden.

Big brother Sámur Kári lives in Stockholm. Middle brother Sverrir called Bassi lives in Trondheim and eldest sister Smilla Spök lives in Oslo. Youngest sister Smilla Snörp Lillemor has kept for herself.


Puppies born 04.04.2008 in Sweden

3 males og 2 bitches, ready for delivery in week 22

Father: Ferjukots Sorrow (Iclandic import), HD-A, eyes no remarks.           

Mother: Swedich and Danish Champion Ullälvas Sindra Tindra (Dutch father), HD - A, eyes no remarks.


                                                                                            Ullälvas Sindra Tindra                                                                    Ferjukots Sorrow


Smilla Snörp 4 month



All the others have left home. Only youngest sister, Smilla Snörp, remains at home.


It is getting more difficult to photograph the "blackies"


                                                                    They slide down steep slopes                                                                    and tries to climb up again

They are going for long walks


                                                                                            They hide in tall grass                            or tries to sneak up on the others



                                                                Middle brother tries to tighten the shoe lase,...                                   but when Big broteher arrives they fight over it instead

The girls have a fight over a stick,.....

but when Middle brother arrives he grabs it


                                                            A tail with a curle can be useful                                                            Ok then, we'll split the stick


                                                            Youngest sister and eldest brother fights about a sock                Youngest brother wonders if he can have a bite.


                                                                        I won!                                                                                It is nice to a bone of his own thinks middle brother


                                                                            Middle brother sits and looks nice and good.                Oldest sister eldest brother are planning something


                                                                                            Eldest sister is checking the situation                    Eldest brother has "one leg in each corner"


                                                                                                Is mother going to be mad now?        Youngest sister will not eat with the others


                                                                "...and what is this?"  wonders eldest brother and eldest sister        Youngest sister makes a short cut


                                                                                            It is nice to pull moms tail, thinks youngest sister                            Mom is correcting youngest brother


The two youngest fights with Lillemor's shoe laces.


A real Ullälva dog, eats dandelions.


                                                                        Big Brother has got a "flee"                                                  Middle brother and little sister are trotting on the lawn.


                                                        Mom's eating "yellow sweet" flowers                                            I smell dandelions.


                                                                    Middle brother admires mom's big teeth                                Picnic on the lawn

Little brother attacs Sinddra T's owner, Lennart



                                                                                    Big brother lokks kind,                                 .. but he is testing his teeth on Lennart


                                                                                        champion???                                                            Big brother is tough



                                                                                Outdoor for the first time 6th of May                                Big brother have discovered some exciting


                                                                                                            Middle brother is tracing                            Little brother is running towards "mother"


                                                                                                        Eldest sister is tasting grass                          Youngest sister is running with her tail in the air

Eldest brother is examining the grass



Big brother


Middle brother


Little brother


Eldest sister


Yougest sister


                                                                                    Sindra T has taken Trissa's toys                                Big brother is sleeping on the plate.


Crowded at the table


                                                        Big brother                                        Middle brother                                    Little brother


                                                                                                    Eldest sister                                            Youngest sister



                                                        Sindra T tries the puppies bed.                            Now it is our turn




                    Help !!! Mother is trying to kill me                    Sindre T improvices during feeding



It is nice to have a brother or a sister as a pillow



It is nice to relax








                        Sindra Ts puppies                                                                        Sindra T with puppies



                                  Ferjukots Sorrow                                         Swedish and danish champion, Ullälvas Sindra Tindra