Bersa's second litter



Now the puppies have left for their new homes. Eydis lives on a horsefarm outside Norrtälje. She has got her own homepage:  Here you can see how Eydis lives and how she developes.

Mori-Bjorn was together with his uncle Bersi delivered on Arlanda airport, where they went together with Cathy to USA. They now live in Mitchigan and hopefully will provide more "bears" in USA.

On Easter Day the "fense-workers" finished their job, but we had a break to take some photos of Mori-Bjorn.


Mori-Bjorn with mother Bersa



                                                        I try to avoid this white cold stuff                                    It is better to get a hug from Åsa



                                                        Åsa tells Vinnie how to hold me                                                                    This is OK



On sunday SIFK had its annual meeting. After the meeting Karin and Bettan visited to see the puppies. Bettan used her camera as usual.

Monday I loaded the whole pack into my mobile home and went to Tystberga so that my bears could play with some cousins that are 3 days younger.



Karin is holding sister bear and brother bear.



It is nice to have ceveral cousins to play with.



In the weekend between the 19th and the 23th of March the whole bunch went up in the mountains so I could be skiing with Åsa and Tomas.  We stayed at a cabin owned by Aftenposten and as I as a pesioneer can use. The cabin is situated on Kvamsfjellet south of the Rondane mountains. The puppies and Bersa stayed in the cabin while I and the rest of the pack stayed in my mobile home.

Cabin no 27.



              Åsa and Tomas skiing down to lake Furu. The mountains                                     A beer after skiing tastes good.

            in the background is called the Blacksmiths bellow.



Eydis av Isheim likes her food.



Mori Bjorn av Isheim also likes his food.


Today I tried to take pictures of the bears in Mariann's bed as I have done before, but this time it did not work. Sister bear came rushing towards me and I had to catch her instead of cliking on the camera. This meant that the photo session had to be mooved to the puppy room floor instead.

Bersa thinks that the puppies toys are ment for her, so a play squid is tempting when Bersa and Bersi are out in the dogyard.


See how long fer I have got already. Both I and my brother will have extreemely long fer when we grow up.



Look at that, a squid. I will see if it tastes good.




Today the Bears are 4 weeks old. After breakfast they got their first treatment with worm medicine. Mother Bersa had also to be treated since she is cleaning in the puppy cage. Shortly afterwards I discovered that Brother bear had climbed over the side and down on the floor. Instead of a relaxed Sunday morning I had to change the bears home.

Lillemor and I invented this type of puppy home two years ago when we had a trippel litter. I one end of the area we put in a dog cage that the puppies can sleep in and that we can lock when we are cleaning out the area. In the other end we put in a TV bench bought with discount at IKEA. Here I have cut 10 cm of the legs so that the mother can jump out and in but the puppies cannot get out. Between the cage and the bench I put in green fences that is normally used in the garden for storing leaves. Every piece is tighed togher with pieces of string. The puppies bite the string but then we put in a new piece. We tryed out steel thread in the first, but the puppies cut that and we were very afraid that they might swollowed the pieces.

This will be the puppies home until they move to their new owners. Of cource they will get outdoors, but then it will have to be more springlike, minus 15 centigrade's is too cold for a little puppy.



Today we have got a larger home.



We have to examine our new home. Look at our nice tails.



Today the puppies are 25 days old. This weekend they will get their first worm medicin.

Now the puppies are playing in their crate and Brother bear shows interest for the world outside. For the moment it is no use of giving the puppies any toys because Bersa says they are too small for playing and are hiding the toys in a near by basket.



Brother bear will rather look at the world than playing with girls.



Sisters can be very silly.



Now it is enough, I am crying for mum to help me, but perhaps I should give sister a lesson myself.



I had been out shopping and when I got home it was time to let the pack into the dog yard. While Barsa and Bersi were out, I discovered 2 bears taking a nap. It is very practical to have a digital camera near by.




Today the bears are 18 days old. This coming weekend I will start feeding them with soaked puppy food. It is allways exiting to see whether or not they like it. Now they are walking on their paws around in the puppy case. The question now is who tries to climb over the wall first and I will have to put up a fense instead.


Brother bear thinks naked toes taste good, Sister bear use them as a pillow



                                                    Brother bear walks around while sister takes a look                            Ain't I sweet?



                                                                Here I come                                                                            See how we are growing



Now the bear start to look like real puppies. They are crawling in the puppy crate and are feeling well. Bersa and the other adult dogs have got their halfyear worm cur. the puppies will to wait another week before getting their first cure.



Sister bear 16 days old.



Brother bear 16 days old.



Now the bears have got their eyes open. Girls are earlier developed than boys . Thursday evening Sister bear got small glimpses in her eyes and on Friday morning Brother bear had glimpses. This weekend I had a visit from a 10 year old girl who is very facinated by the puppies and she helped my take photos of the bears.

Sister bear is sleeping like a baby.



Now both Sister bear and Brother bear have opened their eyes.



10 days old. Still no eye glimpse. This morning Brother bear passed the magic limit on the scale. He is now weighing 1.01 kg = 1010 grams.

Sister bear weighs now 0,868 kg = 868 granms. She keeps the same distance to her brother.


Sister bear 10 days old.



Brother bear 10 days old.



8 days old. So far we are totally blind, but this coming weekend we might get a glimse of light. It is nice to have a brother/sister  that cares.


It is nice to feel a warm body.



                            Brother bear makes a nice pillow.                                                                            Arn't we sweet?



To be only two puppies means that there are always enough food. Today the puppies are 6 days old and they have allready doubled their birthweight. Brother bear now weighs 760 grams and Sister bear 610 grams.


Sister bear 6 days old.



Brother bear 6 days old


Today Bersa and the puppies have mooved with the puppy crate from the kitchen into the dogs room. The puppy crate will be their home until they are 3 - 4 weeks or one finds out that it is possible to climb over the wall. Then I have to make en fense around the puppies.

Now the kitchen floor is ruled by the gang of 4 (Svörtin, Trissa, Systir and Gódis). They did not at all like to be separated for some days while Bersa gave birth.


The bears 4 days old.

A visit at the toilet and breakfast at the same time.



Sister bear 3 days old.


Brother bear 3 days old.


The bears grow and are well. They eat godd and gain approx. 50 - 60 grams pr day.

For the moment I weigh them twice a day to follow up their weight developement.


Bersa with her bears.

The bears are sleeping


Bersa got two puppies before lunch on Sunday 7th. of February, one male and one female.

Here are the first pictures of this litter with bear puppies.

The male have a white bliss in his head and the female is half white/half brown in her head, but with a brown right ear.

Brother bear

Sister bear



Two bear puppies.


Today on the 5th of January 2010 I have been to the vet to check Bersa with ultra sound.

The vet could see 2 puppies furthers down, but since Bersa allready is very thick around her lowest ribs the vet assumed that there had to be at least 2 more further up. The vet could not see them because Bersa's guts was filled with her breakfast.

I will go to the vet again at the latest on the 1st of February to X-ray Bersa and let the vet do a scull and spine count to get an exact number of puppies to be expected.


On the 3rd of December 09 Bersa av Isheim was iseminated with semen from the Swiss male Gantroppas Andy Jarpur

Puppies will be born in the beginning of February 2010 and they will be ready for delivery at Easter 2010.



Bersa av Isheim



Gantroppas Andy Jarpur