Puppies Bersa


Now all the bear pups have moved to new homes.

Big Brother Bear is called Tofi av Isheim and lives in Indianapolis, USA.

Middle Brother Bear is called Sámur av Isheim and lives in Germany.

Little Brother Bear is called Bjarki av Isheim and he lives in France.

Sister Bear is called Systir av Isheim and Arne Hĺkon has kept her for himself.



Bersa got 4 brown puppies on the 21st of April, 3 males and 1 bitch.



                                                                                                    Bersa                                                                                   Tolli


Systir 3,5 month old



What is happening over there.....


Sister Bear and Middle brother Bear are looking

it's only Little brother Bear who goes to investigate.

Three small bears on discovery expedition


Can you do like this ?


Middle brother Bear is showing his ear trick

I really hope my new mom has a red car, it's so nice



                                                                                                Big brother Bear                                                                     Middle brother Bear


                                                                            Little brother Bear                                                        Sister Bear


                                Little brother Bear enjoys himself under the blanket even with a girl colour                           we get thirsty from running


                                                                Gosh, there are girl bacillus in the water                                       it is safer to take a sip from the bottle


                                                    I can stand nicely                                                                                    efficient trotting is needed on long trips


                                                       Sister Bear is posing, but what is Little brother bear doing                   I thing I'll run away


                                                    my brother was fastest and strongest                                                you should not quarrel with our sister Middle brother Bear says to Little brother


                                            You have to learn english, you understand                                                "I love you" you should say to the American girls, and smile like you do now


                                                        Big brother Bear and Little brother Bear on their way outdoors                    Listen, I have a plan ...

On the way outdoors, Sister Bear and Middle brother Bear


                                                                                Is USA in that direction wonders Big brother Bear


                                                                                    I'll better start training so I can go all the way

 Wild chase on the lawn


                                                                                  I think I have hurt a paw,  Little brother Bear says       I am just teasing


                                                    Big brother Bear is attacking                                                                      Why are big brothers always tough?


Out on the lawn for the first time


This happy was Big Brother Bear

What is this, wonders Little brother Bear and Sister Bear

It is best to keep together


                                                                Big brother Bear is smelling something


                                            Middle brother Bear tries trotting


Middle brother Bear admires the view


More Middle brother Bear


                                                                                                        Even more                                            Sister Bear is little sceptical


                                                                        It's nice just to sit and look                                                    What is happening over there?


Little brother Bear is checking out the "world".


Out on the kitchen floor for the first time


                                                                                            The world is sooo large thinks Big brother Bear and Middle brother Bear


                                                                                Middle brother Bear takes a little stroll                    And what is this, wonders Little brother Bear


                                                                                Little brother Bear tests mothers shoe                            Middle brother Bear tries out Trissa's toy.



The Bears are eating on their own for the first time


                                                                Middle brother Bear is licking the left overs                             ... and is whispering something in Sister Bears ear.


                                                                                                Big brother Bear                                                    Middle brother Bear


                                                                                                        Sister Bear                                                    Little brother Bear


Now we have got eyes


                                                                                                        Big brother bear                                                                    Middle brother bear


                                                                                                        Sister bear                                                                Little brother bear

Sister bear, 14 days old and nice ears already.



                                                                                                                                                   Bersa takes care of her puppies  


                                                                            Help !!! My brother is killing me                                    After breakfast nap



                                                                                                        Big brother bear                                                     Middle brother bear



                                                                                                                    Sister bear                                        Little brother bear



Bersa thinks one puppy need to be warmer





1th of April, and I'm too round to play.


Bersa av Isheim was mated with danish Tolli on the 16 th and 17 th of february. Puppies are expected 20 th of april.

Bersa is chocolate brown with A hips and eyes without remarks.



Tolli is a danish  chocolate brown male. He has HD status A + B and eyes with no remarks.

Tolli is a very nice dog with an excellent  temperament.