Bersa 3rd litter



Now all of the puppies have got their real names. Male = Kappi, female 1 = Imra, female 2 = Gerpla, female 3 = Stassa and female 4 = Fjola.

Last sunday we went in my mobile home to Eskilstuna to dog friends there. There the puppies was greeted by Atlas a 11 year old male, mix of Collie and Golden. The puppies thought Atlas was big but nice.


                    Walking with mom and Atlas                                                            Stassa really admired Atlas

Today is a rainy day in Írebro, will have to see for how long the puppies will be outdoor today. For the moment they have all of the kitchen floor as a playground. That means I will have to clean it every day.

Thursday the coming week the huligans are going to the vet to get their shots, their chip and their health certificates.

Friday I will take all in my mobile home and drive to Norway to deliver 4 puppies. Only Gerpla will come with me back to Sweden og Saturday evening. Gerpla will leave home on the 1st of May.

Kappi 7 weeks old


                                                        Imra 7 weeks old                                                                                   Gerpla 7 weeks old


                                                    Stassa 7 weeks old                                                                                        Fjola 7 weeks old



Tomorrow the puppies are 6 weeks old, but since we are taking a trip in my mobile home, it meens there will be no time for taking pictures. To get the puppies to pose nicely I placed at plate with food in front of everyone.

Now the huligans are out on the kitchen floor together with Bersan while I am sitting with my computer. In a while they will all go out on the lawn to jump around before dinner. Because they are wandering round to taste on the nabours food I have made up two plates wiht food mixed with sour milk and placing the plates so they can eat what they want. The male is eating more than the females. To get their weight now I have place myself with one and one puppy on the bathroom scale, because the kitchen scale only goes up to 2 kg.

Now I have ordered time to the vet on the 26th to clear the puppies for delivery.

The puppies have also got their permanent registration numbers from NKK.


                                            Please, help us down                                                                                Female no 4 is already posing nicely.

Male, 6 weeks old


                                    Female 1, 6 weeks old                                                                            Female 2, 6 weeks old


                                        Female3, 6 weeks old                                                                            Female 4, 6 weeks old



Today the puppies are 5 weeks old. During Easter I have had a visit from my sons family, so now the puppies are used to be handled by ceveral persons.

Wednesday 3rd the puppies were out for the first time and they really appreciated to have grass under their feet. On friday we got 5 cm of snow, but on saturday it had melted enough for the puppies again to feel snow also.

During Easter the puppies have started to feed themselves from smal plates with food that I place on the kitchen floor. They first taste their own food, then they will go over to the neighbour to see if the food there tastes the same. Bersan in let into the kitchen after the puppies are finnished to clean the dishes.


                                        Male 5 weeks                                                                                                Male out door


                                            Female 1, 5 weeks                                                                    female1, outdoor


                                                            Female 2, 5 weeks                                                            Female 2, outdoor


                                                    Female 3, 5 weeks                                                                Female 3, outdoor


                                        Female 4, 5 weeks                                                                        Female 4, outdoor



Today the puppies are 4 weeks old. The skitrip to the Norwegian mountains went ok.  During the week in the cottage they started getting soaked puppy food. All of them have now got sharp teeth, so Bersa is not pleased with them allways. Today I had to fence in an area in the kitchen where they will stay until they move to their new homes. This morning it was minus 4 outside, so it is still to cold to let them go out on the lawn.

Tuesday my family from Oslo arrives and they are staying over Easter. This means that the puppies will get used to be handled by others in addition to me.



                                                    Female 1                                                                                    Female 2


                                                    Female 3                                                                                            Female 4



Today the puppies are 3 weeks old and they have just made their first car travel. Friday morning I left Írebro in the morning and drove 520 km up into the Norwegian mountains to a cottage where we will stay for a week. I wil be skiing before lunsj and have a beer in the sun on the terrasse in the afternoon because then the snow gets too rotten to walk on with skiis.

Bersa and the puppies will stay indoor while I go ski trips.

This time I include som pictures from the scenery around the cottage.







                                                                        Female 1                                                                                    Female 2


                                                                    Female 3                                                                                                                Female 4



Today the puppies are 2 weeks and one day old. Everyone have got their eyes open and they are walking shakingly around in their "home". Bersan now gets 3 times the amount of food compared to normal rasion and she has enough milk for everyone. All the pupies are round and in good shape. I hope they will like soaked puppy food when it is my turn to feed them. Bersan is a good mother and cleans their home.

It seems all of them herrited the color of their father and will be black thris with nice drawings. There is no brown puppy in this litter, but all puppies are geneticly 50% brown, so there might be brown puppies in the future.

Male 1110 grams


                                                        Female 1, 832 grams                                                                        Female 2, 900 grams

                                                                Female 3, 1014 grams                                                                        Female 4, 958 grams




Today the puppies are one week old. Bersan is a good mother and it is quiet in their box. 

I am still uncertain of the color the puppies will have. Next sunday they will have their eyes open and have fully pigmented noses it will be easier to tell. Thei might be brown, they might be tricolor and they might be red/white.

Here are todays pictures:

Male, weighs 700g, birthweight 365g


                                            Female 1, weighs 552g, birthweight 326g                                Female 2, weighs 580g, birthweight 328g


                                        Female 3, weighs 638g, birthweight 356g                                        Female 4, weighs 580g, birhtweight 318g.





Today it was time for a photo session of the new born puppies. Bersa protested highly when I took one by one to take their picture on a white blanket in my bed. Because of the dark color every puppy have I am a bit uncertain of which will be chocolates and which will herit dads color. Black threes shal at birth only be totally black/white. If there is shades of black then they will be red because gray becomes red in the end.

For female no 1, 2 and 3 I think they definately will be brown, because they allready have lighter shades of brown on their legs. I am more uncertain for female no 4 and the male.



                    Female 1                                                                                        Female 2

                        Female 3                                                                                        Female 4



Yesterday evening Bersa got her 3rd litter a bit earlier than calculated. It was 4 female and one male puppy. The first female came at 19.50 hours and the male came at 23.15 hours. This is one of the easiest birth's that I have experieced, only Joninas record litter of 8 puppies was this easy. The puppies just plunged out without any problems and she did not need any help from me at all.. The puppies weighd from 320g to 365g.

                Bersa keeps the count of her puppies                                        5 newly born puppies